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About Me

Growing up, while most of my peers were still struggling with their career choices or aspirations, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life since the age of three. I vaguely recalled my first encounter with fashion at a local fashion show. However, I can clearly remember the feeling of excitement and determination as I decided to follow this career path. Since then, every decision has navigated me towards who I am today.
There are three words that I would use to describe myself. I am a learner, a challenge-seeker, and a re-innovator. I believe life is a journey of constantly learning and improving oneself. I gained knowledge from school and others around me, their successes, especially their failures. Most importantly, I learned much from my past mistakes and refined myself, which got me here today. I am also unafraid of changes and always determined to push myself to explore new boundaries and territories. Each challenge I faced helped me learn something new about myself and my capabilities. Lastly, I consider myself to be a re-innovator. I constantly re-invent myself and adapt my aesthetic to keep relevant with the ever-changing fashion industry. I honor industry leaders who came before me by re-innovating the classics they created while adding my flavorful twist. I believe garments should be beautiful on the outside, but the same as the people who wear them, inside of the garments should also be beautifully constructed to endure the merciless test of time. I try to be meticulous because I trust the tiniest detail can elevate the whole design. 
Every twist, turn, and missed opportunity might derail me from my path to fashion, but I have never strayed from my goal of being successful in this career. I appreciate all my experiences, even unrelated ones, to my career choice. They taught me to be kinder and more tolerant towards the differences of humanity, which became part of who I am.  


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